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Hand and foot casts (casting with cast stone)


The great advantage of casting is that details of the skin structure, nails, rings, etc. can be reproduced in detail. In this way, wonderful memories can be created, whether a handprint, footprint of your baby or child, a family handprint or the handprint of you and your loved one.


For babies and children, I always make at least 2 passes right after each other, so you can definitely take home a beautiful result.


Included in the respective price:

- Telephone consultation

- Negative mold: Negative mold by alginate (casting)

or plaster bandages and positive form (casting) with artificial stone

- Finishing and smoothing

3D Hand- and foot moldings babies, children, families and couples

PriceFrom CHF140.00
  • Casting and collecting after finishing at in 8800 Thalwil.

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