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Celebrate your pregnancy, your motherhood and

the beauty of being a woman.

Celebrate life.

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An artistic memento to honor this special time in your life offers you everything from a simple 3D baby belly plaster cast "belly to go" to the deluxe version "belly exclusive" to refinements and repairs and artful design of your 3D baby bump a wonderful memory of a wonderful time.  3D hand and footprints can also be used to create great souvenirs of your baby,
from your family or you and your partner.

Lucy & Hannah

3D Babybauch Gipsabdruck
3D pregnancy belly molding/cast

«belly to go»

Molding/cast of the baby belly
CHF 340.-

Molding/cast of the baby belly and chest 
CHF 380.-

Included in each package:
Consultation, home visit (incl. travel costs in the area
of 30 km from HB Zurich), material and impression, stabilization
of the baby bump plaster cast, suspension device, photo and
a little surprise

3D Hand-and foot moldings/casts
«Babys, children, families and couples»

Hand,- or foot molding/cast

1-12 months
Pouring spout with artificial stone

Per finished molding (1x hand or 1 x foot)
CHF 120.-

Included in the package:

Telephone consultation, negative mold by alginate and positive mold (spout) with artificial stone and finishing, priming with gesso, 2 passes for a beautiful result.

Information zu 3D Abdrücken
Questions and  answers - 3D Moldings

How long does it take to make a molding?

The entire session usually takes about an hour, including preparation and clean-up time. It also depends on the type of impression.

When is the best time to make a molding?

The plaster cast of your baby bump is best made during the 35th and 38th weeks of pregnancy.

What is the compatibility of the materials for the abdominal impressions or the hand and foot impressions?

All my materials for 3D baby bump plaster casts, 3D hand and footprints and their finishing I get from Belly Deluxe. After an intensive professional workshop of several days with Stefanie Stolzenburg in her studio in Karlsruhe, I was able to convince myself of the top quality of the materials and am thrilled. She has researched most of the products herself and has brought each of them onto the market in an optimally coordinated way. They are particularly well tolerated by babies and adults.

Can it harm my baby?

The impression does not put any pressure on your baby and he can move freely as usual!

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not! The Vaseline is applied sufficiently thickly to the entire skin surfaces to be molded so that the plaster or other impression materials for a cast do not stick to the body and can be easily removed after the impression. Plaster residue and Vaseline can be removed very easily with warm water and a towel.

How is the molding made?

We cover your body, which is protected with Vaseline, with plaster bandages or, depending on the impression type, with the Algi-Pap2 impression material. Both the plaster bandages and Algi-Pap2 harden quickly and can be easily removed from your body.

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