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3D belly plaster cast


The great advantage of casting is that even the smallest details of the skin structure and clothing

skin structure and clothing such as a lace bra can be reproduced.

The finished baby bump cast is also suitable, for example, for subsequent design in porcelain gloss optics.


Included in each package:

-Telephone consultation

- Negative mold: impression with plaster bandages

- Stabilization of the abdomen

- Positive mold: Casting with Mold Mush Light (casting compound)

in 5 layers and subsequent

application of plaster bandages for stabilization from the inside

- Suspension device and attachment to the finished baby belly cast

- Smoothing, finishing, sealing and priming with gesso

- On request, a photo of you and your plaster belly immediately after the impression is taken

- a small surprise for the mommy-to-be

«belly Exklusiv» packages

PriceFrom CHF680.00
  • Casting taking and collection after completion at in 8800 Thalwil.

  • Casting taking, smoothing and finishing take place in different stages, so a work takes several hours from impression taking to completion. Many hand movements lead to the very personal and wonderful memento.

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